Several years ago, my wife and I separated and we decided to sell our house in Laguna Niguel and go our separate ways.  My wife had met DeeDee several years before and wanted DeeDee to help her find a house.  Our divorce was very friendly, so my wife wanted me to go along and look at homes with her.  At that time, I was planning on using someone else to sell my home and help me find my new home.  However my plans soon changed.  DeeDee went out of her way to please my wife.  She was also extremely patient.  You can imagine living in a large house for 14 years.  My wife was not sure what she wanted or how much she could afford.  We would look at houses and then decide that we wanted to look in a different area.  I never felt like DeeDee was just trying to rush us into a decision just to make a sale.  I felt that she had one major goal and that was to make us all happy with our decisions. 

Well DeeDee not only helped my wife find a home, but she also ended up selling our existing house and helped me to find a house.  As you can imagine, the co-ordination was an unbelievable task, but it went extremely smooth.  I never felt like I had to worry about anything because DeeDee was doing all the worrying for me.  After the moves and even today I feel that DeeDee continues to look out for us.  DeeDee has truly become a friend that you can count on.  DeeDee is a caring professional and I would recommend her to everyone. 

Richard and Linda Morese

It seems that everyone has a terrible real estate story to tell.  Ours was six years ago, when we purchased a foreclosed property.  It took six months to close, calls to Congressman Chris Cox's office, and seeking legal advice. Deedee McGann-Gollwitzer was with us every step of the way, she was available to us night and day and was extremely competent.  If she did not know the answer to a question, she would find out from one of her various professional sources.

Deedee has been in the Saddleback area for over 20 years and knows every tract of homes and is a tactful and trustworthy negotiator.  We have used Deedee for our last 4 real estate transactions with rentals and personal homes and will continue to rely on her long after the transaction is completed. 

Mike and Lyssa DeSon

Thank you for your professionalism - you are a great person.

Sam and Wanda Sparks

DeeDee Gollwitzer
DeeDee Gollwitzer
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